Acadia Hearing Center

The "Pups"

Assisting us at Acadia Hearing Center are our two Bichon Frise dogs: Taz and Louie. While they may bark occasionally if startled, they have hair not fur, and so do not shed and are hypo-allergenic for most people.

Our Story

Just before Thanksgiving 2006, Taz and Louie joined the practice when a friend of Dr. Cuthbertson's contracted cancer and didn't feel she could manage the puppies any more.  So at the tender age of seven months, Taz and Louie went to Dr. Cuthbertson's house for Thanksgiving and then started coming to the office every day.

Now they have a new home and get to go lots of good places.

They are very fond of boats and water, especially when the boats go really fast.

Their favorite treat is romaine lettuce - they'd eat some everyday if they could!

We like boats and water
  • Taz_&_Louie_013_fs_fs
    We like boats and water
  • 2012-03-30_16.33.24_fs
    I know that dog must be somewhere
  • 2012-11-26_12.44.37_fs
  • 2013-08-08_17.17.02
    Ah, when we were younger
  • 2013-08-16_08.54.29_fs
    Louie likes looking out in the car
  • 2014-08-18_14.34.54
    Boats -- go faster
  • 2014-08-18_14.35.00
    A shady spot on the boat
  • 2015-02-11_14.56.24
  • IMG_1489_fs
    Hiding out
  • IMG_1843_fs
    Our favorite treat - romaine lettuce





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